Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Social Media Bragging Rights?

I am beginning to get very irritated with Google Plus and Linkedin. Surprisingly more with them than with other SM sites (Facebook/Twitter in my case).

Why so annoyed? It seems as if they are developing giant social graphs which are devoid of meaning. I am added to several G+ circles per day. I don't use G+ for anything much, so why anyone would want me is beyond me. However I can imagine that as an entree to expansion of social graph and thus credibility.

How does it happen? G+ just has random people put me in their circles. No easy way to block it seems.

LinkedIn lands me on the add your mailbox to us page. It looks as if that page is in the normal flow, but it is bypassable.

Sad really because we can get value if you use it the way we want to, but as soon as the sites start behaving like this, their utility declines and people stop using them or drift away.

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