Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grumpy Old Man and MongoDB - Indexes and things

This week (week 4 in the excellent 10gen class on MongoDB) has us looking at things like indexes, profiling, etc.
I am getting used to the syntax (but still dislike the "programming in quotes" model and the use of cryptic special values for specifying sort sequence, etc.).
Lovely looking feature for geospatial indexes, but quite tricky to use. At the base level, the distance measures on the spherical model are expressed in radians. So we have to do that conversion somewhere. PITA so far. I can see why, but that isn't exactly habdy. Would like (and will build) some other mechanisms to sort that out.
If for no other reason, the radians based model doesn't distinguish well between directionality. maybe I want coffee shops within 10 miles North of me (because I am heading that direction, none south of me and maybe within 1 mile each side of the route). I am sure I could code that!
And then for some reason, the MongoDB shell treats using the geospatial spherical model differently from other models. It is invoked through the db.runcommand(...) syntax and not the usual db.dbname.find(...) syntax.
Also since you don't specify which index to use in the db.runcommand(..) syntax, and if you happen to have 2 2d indexes defined it fails. Promising feauture, but could use work.
Utilities are handy - Mongotop and Mongostat are helpful indeed
In many ways MongoDB reminds me of the 1970s system ADABAS, but with updated syntax.

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