Thursday, July 12, 2012

An era ends

On May 31, 2012 I was laid off from Progress Software. Several events led to this - the first being when Progress decided to reduce its focus on the Travel Industry. I switched from being the Industry Architect for Travel and Leisure to being a member of the Demonstration Systems Group. There I had the responsibility for deploying the various Progress offerings "in the cloud" so that developers could quickly get a properly configured instance up to speed for doing demonstrations and proofs of concept.

Progress then decided that it is no longer in the "Enterprise Integration" business and as has been publicly announced, will be divesting several of the products that make up the Responsive Business Integration and Responsive Process Management offerings. Leaving behind the OpenEdge database product and development environment and the Apama/Corticon product lines for rules and analytics "in the cloud" and for capital markets.

From the public statements, it had become clear that Progress wanted to focus more on the more profitable, partner driven model that has been historically so successful.

Since I was a part of the RPM/RBI world of products, I along with several others became "surplus to requirements".

I enjoyed my time at Progress, and while I wished that it would have continued in the previous direction, I completely understand what the driving forces are.

I wish the company well in its future endeavors - and hope that the many friends that I made while there are successful.

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