Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video when you should use audio

I was reading one of Jeremy Shoemaker's excellent SEO posts, but was struck by a strange use of media. He has an interview with Levi Horowitz from Link Wheelers on the site, But the annoying thing about it is that it is a skype video. The video adds no value - a pair of talking heads. So it means I can't (easily) play it while driving, I essentially have to consume a bunch of extra bandwidth (and with the mobile carriers charging for bandwidth that's going to get expensive) to consume the valueless pictures.

Wise up folks, use video when you have valuable pictures to add. Use audio otherwise. Processing video (at least in my head) takes a whole lot more brain energy than processing audio. At least with audio I can do something else. And then use that great concept the podcast so I can listen to the audio in the car or in other off line situations

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