Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A work order for everything

The concourse at work was full of vendors and other exhibitors yesterday. So there was much more traffic than normal. That also mans that there was much more demand for the restrooms than normal, and a run on towels for washing afterwards.

The towel dispenser was empty. On the wall a small sign, asking people to call facilities if there was anything wrong with the restroom. I bit. Stupidly it turned out.

Expectation, on my part: Call give the room location, the issue and hang up before my hands had a chance to dry.

Reality: Call routed to the contracted maintenance company. They wanted name office location, extension number, cube location, email address..... With the explanation that they need this data for the work order. One would think that since I work there, maybe my name would suffice - or just my employee id. Then I had to codify the request. This whole process took almost 15 minutes - enough time for me to catch the elevator to the 4th. floor, sit down at my desk AND for Windows to boot. What a shocker.

The help desk person said, that we only need to enter that data once, so when I create another work order, my data will be there. Irony it's my last week. I won't have to do this again.

The world has gone mad! So much so, that I was already to use the restroom again - this time to er...vomit after such a fatuous experience.

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